Post Injury Reflections

As some of you know, one week ago I had a bit of encounter with a tree while snowboarding in Nelson BC which left me pretty messed up, broken pelvis, ribs, scapula and a punctured left lung. I spent four days and three nights in hospital and let me tell you, hospital days and nights seem a lot longer than 24 hours. Lucky for me I had my amazing husband and good friend visit me several times a day, bringing me nice food, coffee and humor to make me laugh and lighten up may days.

I was in a ward with two old ladies, one of which was 97 and loved to burp, fart, snore  and hack up mucous all day and night. The other lady had a sweet husband who would visit her each day and play his guitar by her bedside, it was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen and he was very good at it. The burping, farting machine didn’t like this one bit, I’d hear her rolling around in her bed complaining before calling the nurse to ask for earplugs to drown out the guitar, looking back it was a very funny situation and heck, she’s 97, I guess she can do what she pleases.

Let me get back to the point, hospital days are long and I had a lot of time to think and reflect on what has happened to me, how quickly it happened, the things I’m grateful for and what will be different going forward. So here goes;

I’m grateful for – Travel Insurance – It’s just not an option to travel without it although you must fine one that will cover what you want to do especially when it comes to skiing and snowboarding, many don’t cover anything other than groomed run skiing/boarding. Medical care is not free in Canada, in fact it can be VERY expensive. The travel insurance alleviated this stress and have taken care of everything from medical bills to recouping any money lost from accommodation and getting us home in the most comfortable way. Without travel insurance this whole ordeal would have been impossible to deal with. We went with Allianz for anyone wondering.

I have a profound appreciation for – Good friends and family – I Couldn’t have got by without my husband Jay and good friend Kial, these two were my rocks, cooking me food and bringing me coffee in hospital and making sure I had absolutely everything I needed. The kept me company and made me laugh when I needed it most. Being overseas is hard when accidents happen but having these two by my side made it so much easier. Not to mention the floods of messages and support from home. I really do have so many amazing people in my life and I’m feeling very blessed about that right now.

I’m so thankful it wasn’t worse – straight after the crash there was a split second where I though I was paralysed, although it was still bad there was instant relief when I realised I could move my fingers and toes. Every time I’ve felt down/sad about what has happened, I wiggle my fingers and toes as a reminder that I have two working arms and legs, that I will recover and will be back to do what I love fairly quickly. So many people aren’t as lucky yet show the most amazing inner strength to make the best of their situation regardless.

I’m now going to – Appreciate every day on the mountain – I am guilty for sometimes whinging unnecessarily on the mountain, being too cold,  too sore, if my goggles fog or I fall in the powder and can’t get up, these are all catalysts for me to have a whinge and a frown. From now on, every day I have on the mountain will be a dam good one, no more whinging or complaining, just stoke and thankfulness to be there because as I’ve learned, you never know when your last run will be. If you fall in the powder just laugh, those around you will laugh with you.

I am in control of  – Keeping a positive mindset – Yes I’m mega bummed about what happened and how I ruined my own snow holiday but like they say, there’s no use crying over split milk. It happened, I’m alive and I will recover. A negative mindset is not the space for healing and recovery to take place, I need a happy brain to tackle this and make the recovery as quick as possible and I am in charge of that. Yes I’ve had down moments and I know there’ll be more to come but I’m not going to stay in the negative place for too long, I’m going to do whatever it takes to pull myself out using the people and things around me. I’m going to use this time to do other things that I enjoy like writing blogs, reading, holiday planning and might even learn a new language 😛

On a final note – my passion is clearer than ever, I want to live and breathe everything to do with snowboarding and mountain life, this is where I feel I belong and what sets my soul on fire. A few people have asked me since the accident if “I’m going to stop now?” my answer is heck no! I’d be miserable without snowboarding in my life, if anything I aim to do it more because life is short and we don’t have as much time as we sometimes think we do. Why do later what you can do now. This injury has made me rethink many things, but snowboarding is not one of those things I need to rethink.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped me out from the amazing ski patrol crew at Whitewater resort, the doctors and nurses and Kootenay Lake Hospital and to all my family and friends who have wished me well. xx


4 thoughts on “Post Injury Reflections

  1. Get well soon girl! I always get asked if I will stop snowboarding after my injuries as well, hell no. I feel the same way! Also I’m going to have to look into travel insurance! Thanks for the advice.


  2. Awesome perspective Kim – just came across your blog. I love the wriggling fingers and toes part and feeling grateful. Really resonates as it’s so true and so easy to lose sight of. Wishing you a smooth recovery!


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